3d Virtual Africa | Commercial
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Top commercial owners and managers use Matterport technology to engage and inform prospective commercial tenants during their online search and enquiries. They now offer trusted, immersive virtual experiences to potential business tenants, they set themself apart and draw in more qualified leads.


Advantages promoting Commercial spaces with 3D




By applying Mattertags, additional information like floor space, rental cost, restrictions or features and advantages can be shared.

Save your business time and money in searching for suitable commercial space.

Commercial floor space can be viewed anywhere in the world without having to be there in person which encourage national and International interest.

Realistic dimensions and floor space of a commercial property offers the viewer the true potential of a property.

Shopping Malls can now showcase the layout of the Mall. Different sections can be virtually explored. Visitors can easily find restrooms, specific shops, food courts etc.

It encourages online engagement and promote a mall’s retail & entertainment offerings.